Sunday, April 19, 2009


During Easter time we have travelled a bit around Benelux.
Visiting Namur, Bruxelles, Bruges, Amsterdam and so on..
After the first night we came to the place where we left the car and..
Whole street was changed to some market. There was no note on parking machine,
not even on the parking ticket.. So how the f**k should we know?
The answer of the officer was: U should know! 
Now we know (price after discount U can see above.
A bit expensive information for tourists isn't it.) God bless local police of Namur!

I stole them another spoon to my collection.. (it is actually why this blog has it' s name but I'll tell you later)


Nowadays I'm working on my diploma in VW Design Studio, it is supposed to be ready June 10
(having already nightmares).
Well at the moment I cannot show but at least some teaser. Coming soon with some results. 
The topic is a car for two people used as a ultralight-outdoor equipment - easily transformable to sleeping mode. Tent on the wheels.


I've realised how close is car design to the shoe industry.. good to know.